Best gifts for our pets

Best gifts for our pets

A new year’s greetings everyone! It’s a new year so people should be a lot nicer and more generous. A new year and a new opportunity to start!  And while we are trying to be nicer and kinder to everyone, let’s surprise our pet babies with a pet gift this year.  But what is really a good gift to give and why?  How do pet toys help in building the character and stamina of our pet friends?

Toys and merchandise- Probably the most common gift to give are toys and merchandise. A chew toy, or a rope to play with (a tug of war game), something squeaky, something that runs there are just so many options. Let’s evaluate what toys do for our lovable pets.

Toys that make sounds (the squeaky kind) provide fun for your pets as the high pitch sounds further encourages them to play. Somehow, they have fun knowing they can manipulate when the toy will make a sound and when it won’t. Toys that move (the ones that run) encourages your pet to get some exercise.  Somehow, they enjoy the fun these toys bring as they imagine it to be their running mate. Toys they need to fetch provides both the exercise and the loving interaction with their human parents. As dogs are inclined to please their pet parents, playing fetch offers a 3-pronged benefit.

Toys reduce the stress and anxiety of pets, encourage the natural social instinct for playfulness and provides interaction with other pets and you, the pet owner. For this new year don’t forget to include a toy for your furry friend.

Treats and Chewables-  A good way to show your pet a good time is to offer them a treat, be it a reward for following instructions during training or just because they’re so dang cute! A treat is a great reward for our pets. Bones and rawhide bone treats are the best but these may be a choking hazard specially for small pets so one should be careful with these products.  If you are to give it to them, make sure you observe how your pet chews the hide.  If they eat too fast, withdraw the next batch of treats or completely hide them.

Aside from providing entertainment for your pet, chewable dental treats also help with your pet’s teeth by preventing plaque from forming while strengthening the teeth. Make sure you read the labels on the products to avoid anything your pet may be allergic to especially treats with any sort of fillings.

So, go ahead and gift your furry buddy a treat for no other reason other than to make them jump for joy!  Just remember, do not over do it as it may lead to a chunky puppy.

A New Friend- dogs are very social creatures, they thrive on companionship which is evident on how they respond to you. The moment you enter your home, you are immediately greeted by a loving dog who is eager to show you the mess it made in the living room.  However, we can’t always keep them company as we have other responsibilities like work or family.  They need a companion with them 24/7 and preferably someone they can relate to and kind of looks like them. I am obviously referring to another pet. Now a new pet is a brand-new responsibility so be sure to be ready to care and provide for a second dog.  Getting a second pet also means that your first buddy must be ready for them. For one, they should match in energy and personality.  Older dogs may not be able to keep up with a younger and more energetic puppy while bigger dogs may be too much for a small-sized pet.

It may take some time for these furry bundles of joy to get along but once you see them play together and comfort each other when you are away, a bond is formed between them and its a magical thing to see.

Pet Insurance- What can be more important to a pet owner than the wellbeing of their most precious pet? After all, illnesses and accidents are a constant danger. A cough, gastrointestinal issues, the occasional scratches from puppy siblings during play, all of these are a cause of concern for pet owners.  Like us, animals also need medical treatment as they get sick and injured. The cost of medical treatment for our furry babies can be a blow to our budget so why not pick up some pet insurance? For a fraction of the cost, your furry babies get coverage for a number of possible risks – including one that will hurt your heart and bore holes on your pocket.

So why not help yourself and your pet this year? Why not cover them with pet insurance that makes going to the vet less scary for both of you? More importantly, why not make sure that your pet insurance coverage provides the medical treatment they will need.

Stroll confidently into a vet clinic soon – armed with Pet Health insurance from Standard Insurance.

By: Antonio Miguel C. Antazo, DVM